Luke Jaaniste


ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) - National Cultural Policy: submission

CCI supports the federation government’s initiative to develop a National Cultural Policy, the first since Creative Nation in 1994. From the wide raft of aspirations, intentions and possibilities embodied in the Discussion Paper, this looks to be much more than business-as-usual in cultural policy. We...

Creative economy report card 2011

The Creative Economy report card of 2011 is a snapshot of Australian creative economy indicators. Creative industries are advertising and marketing; architecture and design; visual arts; film, TV and radio; music and performing arts; publishing; software and digital content.

Arts and creative industries: a historical overview; and an Australian conversation

This report looks at ways in which the policy relationship between these often polarised sectors of arts and creative industries might be re-thought and approached more productively.

Arts and creative industries

Australia should seek new and liberating ways to bring together the arts, popular culture and the creative industries, according to this report. The report, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and prepared by Professor Justin O’Connor of the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland...

Growing future innovators: A new approach to learning programs for young people

This scoping study includes a detailed review of local, national and international policy relating to arts, education and innovation and case studies of innovative and best practice schools education programs delivered by eighteen contemporary arts organisations in Australia and the UK. It also contains a...