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Education Services Australia


Established in March 2010, Education Services Australia (ESA) is a sustainable education service provider, working collaboratively in the interests of all Australian education jurisdictions to provide technology-based services for education. ESA develops cost-efficient products and services that can be adapted in response to emerging technologies and changing needs of the education and training sector.


Shaping our future: implementation and evaluation plan

This implementation and evaluation plan outlines the steps that will be taken to progress actions related to the six focus areas identified in 'Shaping our future', along with how progress will be monitored and reviewed, including in response to emerging priorities.

Shaping our future: a ten-year strategy to ensure a sustainable, high-quality children’s education and care workforce 2022–2031

This strategy document has been developed to support the recruitment, retention, sustainability and quality of the sector workforce.

NAPLAN Reporting Review

The NAPLAN Reporting Review was commissioned by the Education Council of COAG. It was conducted by Emeritus Professor Bill Louden, and endorsed by the Education Council in June 2019.

A report on the evaluation of the Safe Schools Hub

This study by researchers from the Wellbeing Research Group, Centre for Research in Education, at the University of South Australia evaluated how successfully the Safe Schools Hub (SSH) resource provides digital resource coverage for the National Safe Schools Framework.

The current state of Indonesian language education in Australian schools

Despite the efforts of many gifted and committed teachers of Indonesian, as well as education bureaucrats, academics and members of the community, it seems that the effective provision of the teaching and learning of Indonesian in Australian schools is declining. The focus of this report...