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Key data on education in Europe 2009

This report draws on qualitative and quantitative data to provide an overview of the education systems of 31 European countries, and how these systems are dealing with common educational challenges. Identified issues include addressing demographic changes resulting in a decrease in the school-aged population; improving...
Briefing paper

National summary sheets on education systems in Europe and ongoing reforms

This series describes very briefly the education systems in each of 31 countries, from pre-primary level to higher education. Regularly updated, it also provides information on ongoing reforms and debate in the field of education. The general structure of each national description is similar so...

National testing of pupils in Europe: objectives, organisation and use of results

The study provides a detailed picture of the context and organisation of national tests in 30 European countries and the use made of test results in informing education policy and practice and in guiding the school career of pupils. It presents the diverse choices made...