Frontier Economics


Econometric analysis of the New Zealand retail grocery sector

This report examines how the structure of local grocery markets affects prices and margins in New Zealand.

The required return for aged care services providers

This report, prepared for the Royal Commission by economics consultancy firm, Frontier Economics, develops a ‘building block’ model to determine the total revenue required each year for a residential aged care accommodation provider to cover its operating costs and depreciation, pay its taxes, and provide...

Urban water regulation reform

Infrastructure Australia commissioned this report on the optimal settings required for economic, environmental and health regulation in the Australian urban water sector, and the opportunities for regulatory improvement.

A regulatory framework in consumers' interests

Frontier Economics has been asked to provide an independent report examining the likely consequences of WA’s proposed regulations relating to on-demand transport. The report focuses on whether the proposed approach imposes only those burdens that can be genuinely justified as necessary and proportionate to the...