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How regulators can benefit from a focus on risk: Harvard's Malcolm Sparrow

One of the issues that afflicts regulation is the “swinging of the regulatory pendulum”, as governments switch from adversarial enforcement-centred strategy to more trusting and cooperative postures, and then swing back again when something awful happens.

Measuring internet activity: a (selective) review of methods and metrics

Two Decades after the birth of the World Wide Web, more than two billion people around the world are Internet users. The digital landscape is littered with hints that the affordances of digital communications are being leveraged to transform life in profound and important ways...

Rationing the digital: the politics and policy of internet use in Cuba today

Routinely ranked among countries with the highest restrictions on Internet use in the world, Cuba's only telecommunications firm recently activiated two undersea fiber optic cables, drastically increasing access. This report explores the impact this will have on the island's information economy. Summary: Although Cuba is...
Working paper

Municipal government ICT in 3.11 crisis: lessons from the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami crisis

This report analyses and summarizes the results of field surveys conducted at the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) divisions of 13 municipalities in the Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures that were devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011. The...

Public networks for public safety: a workshop on the present and future of mesh networks

This briefing document was developed in conjunction with “Public Networks for Public Safety: A Workshop on the Present and Future of Mesh Networking,” which was held on March 30, 2012, at Harvard University. The workshop was intended as a starting point for conversation about whether...