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Crossroads: rethinking the Australian mental health system

Australia's mental health system will face an additional cost to the taxpayer of $9 billion if the structure and emphasis of the current system is maintained, argues this report.

Counting the cost: the impact of young men's mental health on the Australian economy

Mental illness in young men costs the Australian economy A$387,000 per hour and over nine million working days lost per annum – figures which this report argues cannot be ignored by the business sector.

Bridging the digital divide: young people's perspectives on taking action

Marginalised young people really do care about political and social issues, but that their day-to-day experiences often make it difficult for them to take action to create change in their communities, according to the findings of this report. "Taking action" means something quite different to...

Bridging the digital divide: marginalised young people's use of information communication technology

The internet and mobile phones play a much greater role than expected in the lives of young people who are socially, culturally or economically marginalised, challenging the concept of the 'digital divide' which suggests that marginalised young people's use of technology is limited. Researchers found...