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Draft report

Draft recommendations of the MIT Ad Hoc Faculty Task Force on Open Access to MIT’s Research

The MIT Open Access Task Force has released this set of draft recommendations that aim to support and increase the open sharing of MIT publications, data, software, and educational materials.
Working paper

Residential building codes do save energy: evidence from hourly smart-meter data

In 1978, California adopted building codes designed to reduce the energy used for heating, cooling, and water heating in buildings. Using a rich dataset of hourly electricity consumption for 158,112 California houses during 2012-13, this paper estimates that single-family homes built from 1980 through 1982...

Open Access at MIT and beyond

This MIT white paper, examines efforts in the United States and in Europe to make research and scholarship openly and freely available, provides a backdrop to the ongoing work of the taskforce - identifying new, updated, or revised open access policies and practices.

Open access

I have worked full-time for a decade to foster open access (OA) to science and scholarship. During that time I have often boiled down the big message into short talks and written long articles exploring small subtopics in detail. This book is an attempt at...