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McKinsey on government

This compendium focuses on the significant fiscal challenges facing jurisdictions around the world.

Australia’s infrastructure innovation imperative

This report argues that Australia faces new infrastructure challenges, as population growth, urbanisation and technology disruptions create the need for a step-change in infrastructure prioritisation, design and productivity.

The future of work in America: people and places, today and tomorrow

This report analyzes more than 3,000 US counties and 315 cities and finds they are on sharply different paths. Automation is not happening in a vacuum, and the health of local economies today will affect their ability to adapt and thrive in the face of...
Briefing paper

Promoting an overdue digital transformation in healthcare

Following an analysis of a dozen countries with digitally advanced health economies, this paper aims to deconstruct and distill a set of six conditions that can smooth the path toward a successful systemwide digital transformation in healthcare.

A vision for Medical Affairs in 2025

Medical Affairs—a third strategic pillar for the pharmaceutical enterprise