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Perspectives: bridging the fiscal gap
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The seven articles in this compendium provide practical insights and solutions across the spectrum of public-finance activities. The articles are ordered as follows:

  1. The first article offers a new way of thinking about resilience in government finances, along with a collection of ideas for better managing through the business cycle.
  2. The second focuses on the future of taxation, including grappling with trends that threaten the core stability of tax and revenue collections. 
  3. The third article provides an architecture and best practices for managing spending reviews, a powerful but underutilized tool.
  4. The fourth moves toward the massive challenges that governments face in delivering $5 trillion in social spending and ways to overcome the increased pressures of matching their social-spending bills to the outcomes they wish to address. 
  5. The fifth article thus brings out ways in which customs agencies can more resemble enablers and facilitators than rule enforcers for special economic zones, helping them flourish. 
  6. The sixth article explores the financing gap in infrastructure and how three levers can help governments and development finance institutions increase private-sector financing.
  7. The compendium closes by zooming in on Africa—including the $100 billion opportunity in public finance and specific ideas and interventions around tax and revenue collections.
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