National Association for the Visual Arts

Position paper

Invest in artistic courage: policy priorities for election 2019​

This election year NAVA is calling on all parties to invest in 'artistic courage' by developing an arts policy that puts First Nations first, investing in artists’ time, leadership and self-organisation, increasing Australia Council’s funding, making fair pay at industry standards a condition of public...

Mapping the Australian craft sector

This research report addresses the first phase of the National Craft Initiative project with the overall aim being to provide the foundations for action in building a sustainable, strong, and highly valued crafts industry in Australia.

Agenda for Australian craft and design

This is an agenda for the future of Australian making, produced by the National Craft Initiative over a three-year period of engagement with the professional craft and design community.

S2M: the economics of Australia’s small-to-medium visual arts sector

Based on a survey conducted in 2016, the data in this study reveals that the small-to-medium (S2M) visual arts sector employs over 2,000 people, puts $100 million into the economy and produces 26,000 new art works each year - with a budget worth just 0.03%...
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Garrett announces less starving for artists

The allocation of $1.5 million over three years for the establishment of a resale royalty scheme for Australian visual artists, was warmly welcomed by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). NAVA is the peak body representing the professional interests of the Australian visual...