Cameron Murray

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Cameron K. Murray

Mulga Rock uranium project: uneconomic and unlikely

This research finds that the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine is unlikely to be in the WA community interest. Aside from the environmental risks inherent in uranium mining, the feasibility study for the proposal uses improbable market scenarios and does not illustrate a credible range...

The economic impacts of unconventional gas in Western Australia

WA’s moratorium on fracking has been overturned without consideration of economic impacts. Economic logic, and the lived experience of Queensland and the USA, shows the industry has an incentive to expand as much and as fast as possible. This has a negative impact on communities...

Gas and the Wide Bay Burnett economy

Gas exploration is being undertaken in the Wide Bay Burnett region. This report argues that development of gasfields would present a risk to the region’s diverse services, tourism, agricultural and manufacturing economies.

Unspoken alternatives to expensive housing

Canberra’s innovative Land Rent Scheme has been singled out in this research that shows if applied nationally, government could significantly reduce the cost of secure, long-term housing.
Discussion paper

The impact of Galilee Basin development on employment in existing coal regions

This paper estimates that development of the Galilee Basin would reduce coal mining jobs by 9,000 in the Hunter Valley (NSW), 2,000 in the Bowen Basin (QLD) and 1,400 in the Surat Basin (QLD), compared to a scenario with no Galilee mines out to 2035.