Mark Ogge

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Emissions from onshore gas in Victoria

This research shows that the Victorian government’s key report used to approve onshore gas mining appears to have underestimated the greenhouse gas emissions from new sites by up to 88%.
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Out of season

This analysis uses Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data to track changes in daily temperatures that mark the beginning of each season over the sub-tropical and temperate parts of the country where most Australians live.
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The National Climate Disaster Fund

This paper argues that a National Climate Disaster Fund should be established to reduce the cost burden of natural disaster response and recovery to Australian households and taxpayers. The Australia Institute suggests that it should be funded by a levy on coal, gas and oil...
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Breaking brown: gas and coal plant breakdowns in Victoria

Victoria’s brown coal fired power stations suffer from frequent breakdowns and Loy Yang A is the responsible for largest number of breakdowns on the National Energy Market, since monitoring began in December 2017, and Loy Yang A’s Unit 2 is the most unreliable unit on...
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Heatwatch Queensland: extreme heat in the Sunshine State

This research shows that Queensland is set to experience more climate chaos, including more summers with a dramatic increase in extreme heat days – like in Brisbane, where days over 35C would go from a historical average of two per year, to up to 45...
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