Mark Ogge

Discussion paper

Brown coal, greenwash: the true emissions impact of the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project

This paper argues despite being labelled as ‘clean energy’, none of the emissions the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project has produced in its pilot phase have been buried through carbon capture and storage.
Briefing paper

APPEA members who pay no income tax

In this paper, the author asserts that petroleum industry claims, including by APPEA, that gas projects would be contributing billions of dollars in federal taxes has not eventuated.

Come clean: how the Emissions Reduction Fund came to include carbon capture and storage

This report argues that the experience of the carbon capture and storage (CCS) method development raises serious questions about the governance of both the Clean Energy Regulator and the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee, in relation to the development and integrity of forthcoming Emissions Reduction Fund...
Discussion paper

Santos’ CCS scam

In this paper, the authors argue that enhanced hydrocarbon recovery projects be excluded from any current or future public CCS or CCUS funding, subsidies or grants.
Discussion paper

Undermining climate action: the Australian way

This report estimates the emissions associated with the coal and gas projects currently planned in Australia. The vast emissions that would results from current planned fossil fuelled projects in Australia are not consistent with addressing climate change and achieving net zero emissions.