Matthew Saunders

Alternate Name:
Matt Saunders

Profit-price inflation: theory, international evidence, and policy implications

This research confirms that corporate profits in Australia, despite recent moderation, remain well above historic norms, and must fall further in order to allow a rebuilding of real wages in Australia that have been badly damaged by recent inflation.

In reverse: the wrong way to fuel savings and falling transport emissions

This paper outlines how the growth in the greenhouse gas emissions of Australia’s passenger vehicle fleet is one of the highest among the developed countries.
Briefing paper

Northern direction: If NSW had the Queensland coal royalty system

In 2022, the Queensland Government improved its coal royalty scheme to ensure additional government revenue is generated in times of high coal prices This briefing note estimates the changes to royalty revenue that New South Wales would have generated had the state adopted reforms similar...

From Russia with love: coal profits from war in Ukraine

While debate continues on the appropriate response to Australia’s sky-high coal, gas and electricity prices, the size of the resulting profit windfall for multi-national coal mining companies has not been widely estimated or discussed. This paper takes a closer look at some of the issues...
Discussion paper

Are wages or profits driving Australia’s inflation? An analysis of the National Accounts

The distributional consequences of record high profits and record low real wage growth have been widely discussed in Australia recently, but the data presented in this paper suggests that rising profits are now the major driver of inflation.