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Prosper Australia

Briefing paper

Policy memo: Commercial tenancy intervention for COVID19 resilience

Prosper Australia has prepared this policy brief to present a solution as to how state governments can provide relief and certainty to businesses, while allowing landlords to participate in economic resilience measures.
Policy report

Speculative vacancies 9

This Speculative Vacancies report is timely in its analysis of vacancy at the peak of the Melbourne property cycle. During the period of this study, vacancy taxes had not been enacted at a state level.
Policy report

Stamp duty to land tax: designing the transition

This report challenges the view that the highly sought-after stamp duty to land tax reform is too 'politically difficult' to achieve. For politicians searching for a circuit-breaker on state tax reform, this model offers generous but logical concessions for existing owners, choice for future buyers...
Discussion paper

The transit transformation Australia needs

This paper argues that a significant program of work is required to educate planners and policy makers on the nature, evidence, techniques, and usage of important emerging infrastructure funding mechanisms that will unlock the future cities we all want to live in.

Unspoken alternatives to expensive housing

Canberra’s innovative Land Rent Scheme has been singled out in this research that shows if applied nationally, government could significantly reduce the cost of secure, long-term housing.