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New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

Working paper

Unmasking COVID-19’s economic impact

This working paper explores how COVID-19 response measures have impacted New Zealand's economic behaviours. This is achieved by using various public data sources and data held by NZIER.

Working together: re-focusing public accountability to achieve better lives

In reviewing the economics of accountability, this report looks at how the system of public accountability in Aotearoa New Zealand can contribute to increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the social assistance system, with a focus on addressing persistent disadvantage.

Four ways to improve climate change policy and why

Looking at the nature of the climate change challenge, the economics of adaptation and emission reduction and New Zealand’s policy responses, this paper outlines economic perspectives to help guide a more efficient policy response.

How big data can be a force for good

Over the last decade, Stats NZ has developed a powerful tool for policy-makers and researchers alike. Known as the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), it draws upon data from across the government and contains de-identified information for people living in New Zealand. In this paper, the...

KiwiSaver equity for women: building long-term financial wellbeing

This report coincided with the 15-year review of KiwiSaver by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (NZ). The intent of the report is to assist policy-makers by deliberately exploring and providing opportunities to get more equitable settings in place.