Chris Nixon


Clear as mud? Water is under pressure

Competition for water in some catchments and uncertainty about society’s preferences about how water should be used creates conflicts and impedes resolution. What can economics tell us about how communities value water? What can economists do to help and inform those who have to make...

Is peak globalisation upon us?: Globalisation is much more than trade in goods

We examine the phenomenon of globalisation as it affects New Zealand. We look at its impact on New Zealand and ask whether it is a force which has had its day (peak globalisation) or is it continuing to morph and evolve.
Journal article

Quality regulation: why and how?

Examines the quality of the New Zealand regulatory system with a focus on economic aspects of regulation and on the high-level design factors that ensure that our regulatory mechanisms are fit for purpose, and remain fit for purpose.

Water management in New Zealand: a road map for understanding water value

With New Zealand facing poorer water quality, and shortages, this paper examines the water situation and the policy challenges it presents. Introduction Better water management will benefit all New Zealanders. The focus on water policy has been driven by poorer water quality, shortages, and unease...
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Valuing a healthy start to life

How should governments make effective use of research that examines the costs of a ‘less than healthy’ start to life? Are there any ‘free efficiency lunches’ to be had by improving intervention processes in early childhood health and education? On the surface at least, health...