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Indigenous businesses face tough and unfair fight for government contracts

This interview highlights the issue of the federal government's policy to turbo charge Indigenous businesses being exploited by non-Indigenous Australians.
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Australia needs a powerful integrity commission: Transparency International Australia chair

The new chair of Transparency International Australia, Fiona McLeod SC, says staggering numbers of Australians report witnessing public officials engaging in corruption, and having unexplained income.
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Dismay with politics prompting young Australians to flirt with autocracy

The latest Australian Values Study from ANU and the Social Research Centre suggests younger Australians may be more willing to flirt with authoritarianism than prior generations. Study co-author, Jill Sheppard, speaks with Linda Mottram.
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"Strong public interest" in Chinese influence claims: Clive Hamilton

Author and Professor, Clive Hamilton, says Liberal backbencher, Andrew Hastie, was trying to open up what he says is a much needed public discussion of Chinese Influence in Australia.
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Pacific Islands Forum plans resilience fund to prepare for extreme weather

Pacific Island states are planning a new resilience fund to pay for retrofitting vital infrastructure in the face of extreme weather and climate impacts. And their peak body, the Pacific Islands Forum, is getting advice from Australia's treasury and finance officials on how to fund...