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The truth still matters in a world where fake news proliferates

Well, 'fake news' may be the term du jour, but one lecturer in American politics says the truth still matters. The University of Melbourne's George Rennie says Donald Trump is clearly trying to isolate what he has to accept as possible, and what he can...
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More concerns raised over remote work for the dole scheme

There are calls for whichever party wins the weekend's election to take a good look at the work for the dole scheme operating in remote Australia. Service providers continue to raise concerns about the scheme. They're now worried Indigenous people are leaving remote communities to...
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WA Premier blocks push for more electronic gaming machines

The West Australian Premier has been forced to quash suggestions the government is planning to allow the TAB to install electronic gaming machines. The idea had been floated by the state's Racing Minister as part of negotiations over the sale of the government-owned betting agency...

A renewal for Newcastle DJs

An innovative project which aims to rejuvenate the industrial city of Newcastle is embarking on its biggest challenge, David Marks discusses the Renew Newcastle Project. Over the past four years, Renew Newcastle has successfully installed around 90 artists in disused store fronts and offices in...