Project Tomorrow


2013 trends in online learning: virtual, blended and flipped classrooms

This report examines trends in online learning using an inside-out perspective on the classroom and the use of a variety of online learning strategies with students. Key findings include: Administrators are widening their scope regarding the value of online classes to include learning opportunities for...

From chalkboards to tablets: the emergence of the K-12 digital learner

This report provides a bird's eye view of the changing environment for digital learning, both in and out of school. As the digital learner has emerged over the past ten years, we have noticed a significant shift in the student perspective on using technology for...

Personalizing the classroom experience – teachers, librarians and administrators connect the dots with digital learning

Personalizing the Classroom Experience – Teachers, Librarians and Administrators Connects the Dots with Digital Learning is the second in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2011. This report focuses on how today’s educators are personalizing the learning process...