2013 trends in online learning: virtual, blended and flipped classrooms

Schools Information technology North America

This report examines trends in online learning using an inside-out perspective on the classroom and the use of a variety of online learning strategies with students.

Key findings include:

  • Administrators are widening their scope regarding the value of online classes to include learning opportunities for administrators, teachers and other support staff in addition to students.
  • Virtual, blended and flipped learning teachers are using more digital content with their students than other teachers.
  • Online learning teachers see significant value in the role of digital tools and resources to improve student success as well as their own personal productivity.
  • Parents who have taken an online class for their own work or job training have high expectations for their child’s school to provide similar learning opportunities.
  • Students are increasingly seeing online learning as a gateway to a new education paradigm where they are in control of the learning process.

This report was produced by Project Tomorrow and Blackboard K-12.

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