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Understanding our political nature

The aim of this report is to bring insights from the behavioural sciences, social sciences and humanities to update our picture of human political behaviour. This understanding will then hopefully provide solid foundations to improve policymaking, enabling scientific evidence and reason to contribute to democracy.

European drug report 2019: trends and developments

This report presents a top-level overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe, covering drug supply and use and public health problems, as well as drug policy and responses.

Working conditions in a global perspective

By analysing positive and negative aspects of job quality in different countries and societies, this report provides a way to look beyond national explanations, to see how some groups of workers are affected more than others and understand the particular issues for women workers around...

Access to social protection for workers and the self-employed: best practice examples from EU member states

This collection of best practice examples shows how European Union member states are improving access to social protection for workers and self-employed citizens. It was developed by national authorities and social partners for national authorities and social partners, to support the implementation of social protection...

Platform workers in Europe: evidence from the COLLEEM Survey

The recent surge of digital labour platforms has led to new forms of work organisation and tasks distribution across the workforce. This has raised several questions about the functioning and the benefits deriving from the reorganisation of work that those platforms entail and the associated...