European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Working paper

Global working conditions: Australia

This report uses the Australian Workplace Barometer Survey (AWB; 2009-2015) to describe working conditions in the labour market in Australia. The research has found that job quality is not distributed equally across workers. Employment conditions, but also personal characteristics, such as sex and age, are...
Working paper

How computerisation is transforming jobs: evidence from the European Working Conditions Survey

This paper investigates changes in the task content, methods and tools of European jobs from 1995 to 2015. Drawing on the taxonomy of tasks proposed by Bisello and Fernández-Macías (2016), this work tries to better understand whether changes in the average intensity of tasks performance...
Working paper

Mapping the contours of the platform economy

Despite the many benefits and opportunities offered by the platform economy, its expansion also entails disruptions to the status quo, by creating new markets, displacing established businesses, while at the same time opening up new possibilities to both businesses and consumers.

Working conditions in a global perspective

By analysing positive and negative aspects of job quality in different countries and societies, this report provides a way to look beyond national explanations, to see how some groups of workers are affected more than others and understand the particular issues for women workers around...

Technology scenario: employment implications of radical automation

This report looks into the impact of the accelerated application of automation and digitisation technologies on the wage and tasks structure of employment in Europe.