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This report uses the Australian Workplace Barometer Survey (AWB; 2009-2015) to describe working conditions in the labour market in Australia. The AWB focus on employees. The AWB gathers detailed information over time on a broad range of issues relating to working conditions (including exposure to physical and psychosocial risks), work organisation, work–life balance, and health and well-being. It covers all industries and occupational groups including the public and private sectors.

After a summary of the national context of the labour market in Australia, working conditions are analysed under seven main job quality dimensions (Eurofound 2012, Eurofound 2017): 1) physical risks, 2) work intensity, 3) working time quality, 4) social environment, 5) skills use and discretion, 6) prospects and 7) earning. The analysis is supplemented by analysis on quality of working lives focusing on health and well-being and work family spillovers.

The report contributes to Eurofound research project: working conditions in a global perspective. Tripartite evaluation of the AWB could not be organised due to time constraints in the production of the global report. This document is a working paper which has not been subject to full Eurofound evaluation, editorial and publication process.

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