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Publishing Research Consortium


Journal article mining

If you have too much to read, or too much information to digest, could a machine do it for you? That is in essence the motivation behind the expert area of content mining, here including both text mining and data mining. This is a research...

Research publication characteristics and their relative values

Scholars consider many factors when judging the potential quality of articles and deciding which articles to read. These factors may also influence their perception of the overall quality of the article. The goal of this project is to examine and measure the relative values of...

Access by UK small and medium-sized enterprises to professional and academic information

This Research Report studies an often-neglected market segment, that of small businesses. An online survey and individual interviews were conducted in June 2009, to explore the importance of information in research journals, level of use, quality of access provision, and suggestions for improvement. Users in...

Access to professional and academic information in the UK

• In June 2009, over 1000 UK research users responded to a survey about their access to and use of professional and academic information (including research articles published in journals, about which more detailed feedback was obtained). • Information was generally ranked as a relatively...