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Mark Ware


The STM report: An overview of scientific and scholarly journal publishing fourth edition

STM publishing takes place within the broader system of scholarly communication, which includes both formal and informal elements. Scholarly communication plays different roles at different stages of the research cycle, and (like publishing) is undergoing technology-driven change. Categorising the modes of communication into one-to-one, one-to-many...

Access to professional and academic information in the UK

• In June 2009, over 1000 UK research users responded to a survey about their access to and use of professional and academic information (including research articles published in journals, about which more detailed feedback was obtained). • Information was generally ranked as a relatively...

Access by UK small and medium-sized enterprises to professional and academic information

This Research Report studies an often-neglected market segment, that of small businesses. An online survey and individual interviews were conducted in June 2009, to explore the importance of information in research journals, level of use, quality of access provision, and suggestions for improvement. Users in...