Queensland Council of Social Service


Reforming electricity concessions to better meet need

Despite existing financial assistance for almost three million households, many people in Australia still cannot afford to pay for the energy they need. This report looks at what is required to deliver effective energy concessions, summarises the research findings, and makes a series of recommendations.

Living affordability in Queensland: December 2022

This report documents the impacts of high inflation, rising energy costs and low housing affordability, which are key drivers of financial hardship for Queensland households. Low-income households are spending most of their income on basic goods and services, such as food, housing and energy, with...

Review of the Cashless Debit Card trial and evaluation

This report reviews the Cashless Debit Card trial and evaluation focussing primarily on the Final Evaluation Report released by the Australian Government in September 2017. The evaluation by Orima Research is intended to evaluate the trial in the first two trial sites of Ceduna, South...