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Sentencing Advisory Council (Qld)

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Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council

Discussion paper

The ‘80 per cent rule’: the serious violent offences scheme in the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 (Qld) - issues paper

This issues paper has been prepared to gather and present information about the serious violent offences scheme to assist stakeholders and community members to provide their views to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council on the scheme and options for reform.

Connecting the dots: the sentencing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland

This report examines court data for cases involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples sentenced in Queensland between July 2005 and June 2019.

Penalties for assaults on public officers: final report

This report represents the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council's work to understand and reform sentencing for assaults on public officers.

Sentencing for criminal offences arising from the death of a child: final report

This report makes eight recommendations to better reflect the vulnerability and defencelessness of victims of child homicide in sentencing and to improve system responses for family members of child vicitms.

Child homicide in Queensland: a descriptive analysis of offences finalised by Queensland criminal courts, 2005–06 to 2016–17

This research report begins with an outline of the scope and an overview of the sentenced offences examined. The report then looks at victims of child homicide and offenders sentenced by Queensland courts for child homicide, as well as what we currently know about child...