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Engendering justice: the sentencing of women and girls in Queensland

Girls Sentencing Women Criminal justice Queensland

The experiences of women and girls as offenders in the Queensland criminal justice system has recently received detailed attention through the work of the Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce. The Taskforce's second report discusses the need to understand the drivers of women and girls’ contact with the justice system, and explores their experiences with police, the court process, and the correctional system. The report makes specific recommendations regarding the treatment of women and girls as accused in the criminal justice system.

This publication takes a closer look at sentencing outcomes for women and girls in Queensland, their patterns of offending, recidivism and recent trends. It also looks at key demographic indicators, including age and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, to further unpack sentencing outcomes of women and girls in Queensland courts. The Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council hopes that this report will contribute to starting a conversation about the underlying systemic issues contributing to the statistics reported.

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