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The Australian government is committed to advancing gender equality as a national priority and making Australia one of the most gender equal societies in the world.

Over the years, Australia has made great progress towards gender equality. However, there is also evidence that in a number of areas progress is slowing or stalled. It is clear that gender inequality is not only holding women back, but is a brake on Australia's progress as a country.

Collecting data, and engaging with what the data tells us, is critical to making the invisible visible, measuring progress and holding ourselves accountable for achieving impact. Data also helps us to understand what life is like for women and girls in Australia and to talk about what we need to do to change the story.

This Status of women report card draws on the rich data available to provide a picture of what life looks like for women in Australia in 2023.

The report card shows the challenges women and girls in Australia face through youth and young adulthood, in careers and working life, through parenthood and families, and in later life. It looks at education, economic outcomes, health, safety and wellbeing, housing and gender norms.

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