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Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

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Horizon scan 2

Technology advancement and technology driven disruption is expected to experience exponential growth in the coming decades. Although Australian agriculture has a strong track record of technology integration, the speed of technology innovation makes the scanning and identification of high impact emerging technology a priority for...

Food security and health in rural and remote Australia

This report describes and analyses the prevalence of food insecurity in Australia and the consequent adverse implications for the health and productivity of individuals and communities.

Research & Development Plan 2016-2021

This R&D Plan 2016 – 2021 sets out the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation's vision, purpose, goals and investment approach for the next five years.

Wood pellet stoves for pollution and greenhouse gas reduction

This research was carried out in the Northern Tablelands of NSW to determine whether pellet heaters could provide an alternative form of domestic space heating without the environmental and health costs of current space heating options. The research looked at barriers to adoption of pellet...

Drug and alcohol use by farm and fishing workers

This project described the quantity and patterns of drug and alcohol consumption among workers in the fishing and farming industries and identified strategies to reduce their risk of drug and alcohol related harm and improve workplace safety.