Sense about Science


Data science: a guide for society

According to the headlines, we’re in the middle of a “data revolution” — allowing us to make predictions on anything from the football results to who is likely to commit a crime. This guide explains the language to help talk about data science and highlights...

Transparency of evidence

This resource scores 94 government policies produced by 12 departments, to assess how transparent they were about the evidence behind the policy.

Making sense of nuclear - what's changed in the debate?

There is now tension in the environmental movement about whether nuclear power should in fact be part of a low-carbon energy future.

Missing evidence: an inquiry into delayed publication of government-commissioned research

Last year Sense about Science asked Sir Stephen Sedley, a former judge in the Court of Appeal and a new trustee of Sense about Science, to undertake an inquiry into the scale and significance of non-publication of government-commissioned research. Sir Stephen found out that: The...

Making sense of crime

Making Sense of Crime brings together experts in the causes of crime and measures to reduce it, who share insights from reliable research evidence. This evidence reveals how misleading the political debate on crime is. The guide reviews how the media influences what politicians and...