Tracey Brown

Tracey has been the Director of Sense about Science since 2002. She has a background in social research, and previously spent four years working on a European Commission programme to establish social research and teaching in the former Soviet Union. In her time at Sense about Science Tracey has led campaigns for sound science and evidence in public life and she has written and edited many public guides to scientific research. She is a regular public speaker and writes about scientific evidence, policy and the public, for national media, periodicals and books. She was a Commissioner on the UK Drug Policy Commission 2009-2012, and a trustee of Centre of the Cell until December 2013, and is now a trustee of the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, and of Jurassica. 
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Making sense of crime

Making Sense of Crime brings together experts in the causes of crime and measures to reduce it, who share insights from reliable research evidence. This evidence reveals how misleading the political debate on crime is. The guide reviews how the media influences what politicians and...