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Providing aged-care through a tv screen

This report contains a review of the evidence behind the use of CCTV surveillance in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) in South Australia, and takes a closer look at the risks and benefits associated with the practice.

Drop the debate, new arrivals are here and need urgent support

This article argues that it makes economic sense to support people from a refugee or asylum-seeking background from the moment they arrive. A few simple changes would ease the housing situation of vulnerable people.

Talking about power #MeToo

Following trends on social media, ShelterSA has published this opinion piece, covering the relationship between viral movements such as #MeToo, and gender inequality and power.
Journal article

Round my place: young people and private rental in South Australia

Focussing on young people and the private rental housing market, this research documents the critical role of significant adults in young people’s transition to independent housing.

A roof over your head is not a home – South Australian rooming houses

Article by ShelterSA Executive Director, Alice Clark, about for-profit rooming houses in South Australia.