A roof over your head is not a home – South Australian rooming houses

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Society is judged on how it looks after its most vulnerable citizens. This includes those who cannot look after themselves - children and older people, people living with mental health issues, and citizens who face multiple challenges to full participation in society.

As the peak body for housing in South Australia, Shelter SA advocates for improved policies and systems for all citizens, but particularly those most vulnerable who live on low incomes, face housing stress and the constant risk of homelessness. Our vision is for every citizen in our state to have access to an affordable, safe place to call home.

Over the past year, Shelter SA has been examining the operation of for-profit rooming houses in South Australia, assessing available research and data, and conducting a direct consultation with residents, landlords and service providers in the sector. The study has revealed systemic problems in the rooming house sector and shines a spotlight on to a group of vulnerable South Australian citizens who are currently invisible.

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