Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit (New Zealand)


State of the nation report

The State of the Nation Report 2020 looks back on one decade and forward to a brand new one. This report looks at five specific areas of social wellbeing and measures outcomes that impact on the wellbeing of the communities, whānau and individuals.

Kei a Tātou - It Is Us: State of the Nation 2018

The State of the Nation report this year is the eleventh report the Salvation Army’s Social Policy Parliamentary Unit has completed. New Zealand as a nation has changed in many ways over this time and each of these reports have served as markers along the...
Policy report

Taking stock: The demand for social housing in New Zealand

This report attempts to paint an overall picture of social housing need in New Zealand and the building response needed to address this.

Off the track: state of the nation report

Annually produced each year, this report provides a marker of how New Zealand is doing as a nation. Introduction This is the 10th State of the Nation report from The Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit. The report is produced each year to provide...

Beyond the prison gate: reoffending and reintegration in Aotearoa New Zealand

This report seeks to provide a 10-year update of what it could mean for New Zealand’s criminal justice system to look Beyond the Prison Gate. It is released on the cusp of 2017, a year of particular significance because it marks the deadline for the...