Vincent Wijeysingha


State of the nation report

The State of the Nation Report 2020 looks back on one decade and forward to a brand new one. This report looks at five specific areas of social wellbeing and measures outcomes that impact on the wellbeing of the communities, whānau and individuals.
Briefing paper

Refining criminal justice outcomes: an evidence-based programme for reform

This paper on criminal justice reform draws together the findings of the previous two papers published since August. In the previous papers, a holistic account of a range of crime drivers integrating personal, societal, and procedural components was provided. In this paper, the author shows...
Briefing paper

Case resolution and rehabilitation programmes in Aotearoa New Zealand

This Briefing Note is the second instalment of a series of three. The series began in Briefing Note 1 with an exploration of some fundamental questions in criminal justice policy and will culminate in a set of policy approaches. This paper surveys successful trial, sentencing...
Briefing paper

Reconsidering the Aotearoa New Zealand Criminal justice policy model

This briefing note is the first of a series of three notes exploring key issues in New Zealand criminal justice policy. In this report, fundamental issues and theoretical approaches to New Zealand criminal justice are discussed.