Short-changed on climate change

This analysis of data on climate finance, water access and climate vulnerability shows that half of countries receive less than AUD$8 per person per year in climate finance for mitigation and adaptation combined. Some of the most vulnerable countries receive significantly less.

Health, safety and dignity of sanitation workers: an initial assessment

Sanitation workers provide an invaluable public service, vital to our daily lives and the environment. This report analyses the problems sanitation workers face – focusing on those emptying pits and tanks and maintaining sewers – and explore good practices around the world.

Reducing inequalities through universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene

This short briefing paper highlights the deep connections between inequalities and access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Beneath the surface: the state of the world’s water 2019

This report reveals the countries where the most people live with physical water scarcity, how ballooning customer demands jeopardise water access for the poorest and most marginalised people, and how making thoughtful choices as consumers can help ensure access to water for basic needs is...

Female-friendly public and community toilets: a guide for planners and decision makers

This guide is designed for use primarily by local authorities in urban areas with responsibility for public and community toilets. It explains the need for female-friendly toilets, how to design them, and how to increase gender sensitivity in town planning on sanitation.