World Health Organization


Health, safety and dignity of sanitation workers: an initial assessment

Sanitation workers provide an invaluable public service, vital to our daily lives and the environment. This report analyses the problems sanitation workers face – focusing on those emptying pits and tanks and maintaining sewers – and explore good practices around the world.

School-based violence prevention

Schools have been identified as one important setting for conducting violence prevention efforts. Therefore, this handbook is about schools, education and violence prevention. It provides guidance for school officials and education authorities on how schools can embed violence prevention within their routine activities.

Mircoplastics in drinking water

This report critically examines the evidence related to the occurrence of microplastics in the water cycle (including both tap and bottled drinking-water and its sources), the potential health impacts from microplastic exposure and the removal of microplastics during wastewater and drinking-water treatment.

WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic 2019: offer help to quit tobacco use

This report tracks the status of the tobacco epidemic and interventions to combat it, ranging from graphic pack warnings and advertising bans to no smoking areas.

How to implement seasonal influenza vaccination of health workers

This manual serves as a resource and catalogue of available tools to assist country officials in deciding upon, planning, implementing and monitoring health worker influenza vaccination in order to achieve optimal vaccination coverage.