Urban Research Program (Research School of Social Sciences, ANU)

Working paper

The costs of urban physical infrastructure services

This working paper reviews varied methods of funding physical infrastructure and examines the merits of alternative funding sources.
Working paper

How the Canberra camel got its hump: the departmental board's plan, its origins and consequences

When the first peg was driven by King O’Malley on 20 February 1913 to start construction of Australia’s capital the work was based, not on the thoroughbred design of Griffin, but on a camel designed by a committee.
Working paper

The federal capital of Australia: a virtual planning history

Canberra is one of the most significant products of twentieth century planning. The conventional historiography of its origins divides into three successive phases but the aim of this paper is to recover this 'prehistory' of planning to give some insight into the state of early...
Working paper

Do public choice and public transport mix? An Australian-Canadian comparison

This paper explores the causes of, and evaluates possible remedies for, the decline of public transport in Melbourne.
Working paper

'A cliff of white cleanliness': decorating the home, defining the self

Nicholas Brown's paper dwells on some aspects of domestic architecture to a greater extent than was possible in Governing Prosperity: Social Analysis and Social Change in the 1950s (CUP, 1995). The paper develops the interest of that book in the ways in which more subjective...