Max Neutze

Working paper

Housing and infrastructure for Indigenous Australians

This paper concentrates housing and infrastructure for Indigenous Australians during the period since the 1960s and on the northern parts of Australia.
Working paper

Leasehold policies and land use planning in Canberra

With self-government, a worldwide reputation as a beautiful, planned city, and a stable base of people and jobs, Canberra has achieved much. The time has come, not only for birthday congratulations, but also for a look to the future. In particular, we ask how the...
Working paper

Metropolitan planning in Australia: urban management

A long-standing debate over the nature and merits of 'rational comprehensive' versus 'incrementalist' models of public decision-making is continued in the papers on their application to planning by Max Neutze and John Mant. Neutze reviews the post-war optomistic rise of comprehensive planning, and its subsequent...
Working paper

The costs of urban physical infrastructure services

This working paper reviews varied methods of funding physical infrastructure and examines the merits of alternative funding sources.
Working paper

Achievement of home ownership among post-war Australian cohorts

This paper analyses the achievement of first home ownership among cohorts of women and men who have become adults since the Second World War. It examines the impacts of the housing market and home ownership policies, as well as decisions about marriage and children on...