Steven C. Bourassa

Working paper

Leasehold policies and land use planning in Canberra

With self-government, a worldwide reputation as a beautiful, planned city, and a stable base of people and jobs, Canberra has achieved much. The time has come, not only for birthday congratulations, but also for a look to the future. In particular, we ask how the...
Working paper

A model of housing tenure choice in Australia

This paper reports the results of an econometric analysis of the choice between home owning and renting in Australia.
Working paper

Australian real housing costs

This paper reviews the housing cost data available in Australia, and derives and presents series of real price indexes for 1979-92 and real rent indexes for 1980-92 for most of the capital cities. It shows a dramatic increase in the annual cost of owning relative...
Working paper

On the distributional effects of taxing imputed rent

Bourassa and Hendershott use data from the 1986 Income Distribution Survey in Australia to argue a case for the taxation of imputed rent on owner occupied housing.
Working paper

The rent gap debunked

Smith's rent gap theory of gentrification has inspired a substantial amount of critical attention as well as several empirical studies. None of these studies addresses a fundamental problem with the rent gap hypothesis - namely, its dependence on a distinction between actual and potential land...