Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Briefing paper

Australia's emissions targets: are we on track?

If the world is to avoid the worst effects of dangerous climate change, we must all take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Australia has signed up to three separate sets of targets for reducing its emissions. This explainer takes an independent...

Hydrogen futures: summary report

To explore pathways to creating a hydrogen economy, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) recently joined forces with the prestigious National Academy of Engineering Korea (NAEK), bringing experts from both nations together for a one-day ‘Hydrogen Futures’ workshop in March 2020. This report...

A new prescription: preparing for a healthcare transformation

Australia needs a new prescription for healthcare – a focus on prevention and wellness, enabled by technology. To help meet this challenge, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) has drawn on expertise from across the nation to prepare this map for step-change.

Shifting gears – preparing for a transport revolution

With Australia’s long distances between large urban centres, the transport sector will be one area that is both significantly disrupted and revolutionised by technological transformation. This report identifies sustainability and climate change, productivity and health as the three key challenges that will need to be...
Discussion paper

Improving innovation indicators – consultation paper

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is undertaking a review of innovation metrics. The aim of the review is to develop a suite of metrics that more fully capture innovation and thereby support better decision-making in Australia.