Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation


ANMF national aged care survey 2019: final report

The National Aged Care Survey was undertaken by the ANMF of staff working in residential and community aged care, to ascertain their concerns, experiences and views about working in the aged care sector. This survey follows up on a 2016 survey of staff and community...

Do no harm? Procurement of medical goods by Australian companies and government

The existence of labour and human rights abuses in medical goods supply chains has implications for Australian healthcare companies and public procurement, as the health and well-being of Australians should not come at the cost of the abuse and exploitation of workers in low-wage countries...

ANMF national aged care survey 2016: final report

This survey explored how funding cuts are, or would, impact the delivery of care in residential care facilities across the States and Territories, with the aim of gathering information to place aged care as a key election issue and gain the attention of voters, and...