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Department of Infrastructure and Transport (Australia)

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High speed rail study: phase 2 report

The report identifies a potential route for high speed rail (HSR) between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, estimates the costs and benefits, and investigates issues such as construction, patronage, environmental, and urban and regional development.

State of Australian cities 2012

This report is third in a series of annual Australian Government publications bringing together current data to show how our major cities are evolving and to strengthen the knowledge base on which urban policy can be developed. The purpose of State of Australian Cities 2012...

Walking, riding and access to public transport: Draft report for discussion

Walking and riding are fundamental everyday modes of transport and are a vital component of Australia's transport system. Many people walk to local destinations such as their local shops, cafes or services such as the post office or library. Others walk on a daily basis...

Towards agreed expectations: Tender strategies to improve design and construct infrastructure delivery outcomes

An investigation was undertaken in the second half of 2011, on behalf of the Council of Australian Governments Infrastructure Working Group, into the Design & Construct (D&C) model in contracting for public infrastructure. This investigation was conducted through a qualitative research method using semi-structured interviews...

Infrastructure Planning and Delivery:Best Practice Case Studies Volume 2

Effective and efficient infrastructure is vital to Australia's future prosperity and driving sustainable economic growth. Properly delivered and resourced infrastructure projects underpin the nation's economic prosperity, providing both primary and secondary benefits to Australian industry and the wider Australian public. As the Australian economy experiences...