Ernest Healy


The Suburban Rail Loop: not needed, not fit for purpose and a debt bomb

This report examines the merits of the Victorian government's decision to invest in the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) project, as part of their overall 'Big Build' infrastructure policy.

Making things in Australia again? Not in Victoria

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how dependent Australia has become on selling basic minerals and agricultural commodities, and how reliant Australian consumers are on imported knowledge intensive goods. This paper examines the response to these revelations in Victoria.

Immigration and the housing affordability crisis in Sydney and Melbourne

House prices are higher in Sydney and Melbourne than in almost all other developed-nation cities, with the result that most young households cannot afford to buy a detached house. Why? This research examines some possible answers.

Melbourne’s high rise apartment boom

This report documents the scale of the Melbourne’s recent inner-city high rise apartment boom and the scale of its likely further expansion. It shows that it is an investor led boom, which is disconnected from any underlying increased preference for apartment living. It is delivering...

Scarce jobs: migrants or locals at the end of the queue?

This report argues that young Australian job seekers are losing out in the competition for scarce jobs. Executive summary During the 2013 election campaign, the major parties professed to be concerned about employment opportunity. The mantra was jobs, jobs, jobs. This is appropriate in a...