Talina Drabsch

Briefing paper

The relationship between domestic and family violence and housing

This e-brief investigates the issue of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) in the context of housing and homelessness.

Health indicators for NSW

This paper contains a selection of health statistical indicators in New South Wales. It aims to provide a snapshot of health trends, with a focus on the overall situation in NSW. Where relevant, comparisons are made to the situation in the other Australian States and...

Measuring wellbeing

Interest in measuring the wellbeing of societies and the individuals which comprise them is not new and there has been research in this area for a number of decades. However, the interest in measuring wellbeing has been growing over the last decade or so and...

Public administration and politics in NSW: a statistical profile

This paper, the fifth in the Social Indicators series published by the NSW Parliamentary Library, provides a snapshot of public administration and politics in NSW. While the focus is on NSW, relevant information is provided on the other States and Territories to assist in providing...

Home education in NSW

Home education, otherwise known as home schooling, appears to be a growing phenomenon in NSW and other parts of Australia. Whilst official numbers indicate that about 11,000 children are home educated in Australia each year, some believe that the true figure was closer to 50,000...