John Cresswell


System-level assessment and educational policy

Introduction Education ministries throughout the world are integrating educational assessment into their education reform processes. Education reform is not a straight-line activity, and assessment can both inform the discussion on policy reform and give an indication of the effectiveness of policies that have been implemented...

Feasibility study for the East Asia Summit

This report presents a feasibility study into an East Asia Summit (EAS) Regional Facility for Education Quality Assessment (RFEQA). The project was developed partly in response to major findings of the 2008 study Harnessing Educational Cooperation in the EAS for Regional Competitiveness and Community Building...

Australia's Indigenous students and PISA 2000

Lisa de Bortoli and John Cressell analyse the OECD/Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA 2000) data on Australian Indigenous students in comparison with other Australian students and in relation to other countries. They also examine some of the characteristics of the Indigenous students.

Boys in school and society

Abstract In the past decade there has been a growing perception in Australia that girls have become more successful pursuing their educational goals than boys - especially in educational outcomes relating to literacy. In addition there is evidence from a range of studies that boys...