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Ken Rowe


Effective teaching practices

Much of what is commonly claimed as ‘effective teaching practice’ and implemented during the early and middle years of schooling in Australian schools, for either mainstream students or for those experiencing learning difficulties, is not grounded in findings from evidence-based research. The prevailing educational philosophy...

Growth in literacy and numeracy in the first three years of school

This report outlines the findings from the first three years of the ACER 'Longitudinal literacy and numeracy study', spanning the period in which the students in the study entered school and continued into their second and third years of school.

In teachers' hands: effective literacy teaching practices in the early years of schooling

The In Teachers' Hands project investigated the link between children's growth in English literacy in the early years of schooling and their teachers' classroom teaching practices. The website presents a copy of the report along with video clips of effective early years literacy teaching. The...

Teaching reading

The federal government’s National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy examined reading research, teacher preparation and practices for the teaching of literacy. This report draws on public submissions, school visits and existing research.
Conference paper

Evidence for the kinds of feedback data that support both student and teacher learning

The education community could benefit from learning to use data about student performance more effectively to support both student and teacher learning, according to Ken Rowe. Successful learning support depends on the extent to which schools are provided with an opportunity to claim 'ownership' and...