Peter Rushbrook


In training we trust: communicating regional training need and demand to VET providers

This report focuses on the interpersonal networking processes, or non-market mechanisms, through which training needs are signalled to VET providers in a rural region. A detailed single case-study approach shows that VET users also consider interpersonal relationships, based on trust, when selecting programs for participation.

Indigenous staffing in vocational education and training: policies, strategies and performance

Stephen Kemmis, Marianne Thurling, Roslin Brennan Kemmis, Peter Rushbrook and Richard Pickersgill explore the extent and distribution of Indigenous staffing in vocational education and training (VET) and various aspects of their employment experience within the VET sector. They note a recent decline in Indigenous staff...

Enterprises' commitment to nationally recognised training for existing workers

Erica Smith, Richard Pickersgill, Andy Smith and Peter Rushbrook aim to provide a clearer understanding of how and why enterprises use nationally recognised type of training. They find that successfully embedding training in enterprises involves a three-phase process - engagement, extension and integration. In most...