Sarah Miskin

Briefing paper

Political finance disclosure under current and proposed thresholds

Sarah Miskin and Greg Baker examine political finance disclosures under the current and proposed thresholds, using the annual returns of the major parties (the Liberal Party, the Nationals and the ALP) for the financial years 1998–99 to 2003–04. Proposed amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act...

The 41st parliament: middle-aged, well-educated and (mostly) male

Sarah Miskin and Martin Lumb examine the biographical details of the 226 senators and members of the 41st Australian parliament. They show that, generally, they are middle-aged, well-educated men, many of whom have worked in politics-related occupations immediately before being elected. The note concludes with...

New Zealand election: 17 September 2005

New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark has formed her third successive minority government after the Labour Party won 41 per cent of the vote in the 17 September 2005 election. Labour has a formal coalition with the Progressive Party and confidence and supply deals with...

Campaigning in the 2004 federal election: innovations and traditions

Australia's political parties proved they were not too set in their ways to learn a few new tricks - or at least a few new campaign techniques - for the 2004 federal election on 9 October 2004. With opinion polls predicting a tight race and...
Briefing paper

Political advertising in Australia

Sarah Miskin and Richard Grant explore some important aspects of political advertising, including the current legislation, the debates over 'truth' in content and the claims that Australia's political parties are opting for 'Americanised', negative election advertisements. Political parties spend millions of dollars at each election...