Darren Holloway


Where do low-income private renters live?

Low-income private renters are increasingly to be found in the middle and outer suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, according to this Research and Policy Bulletin based on research by Bill Randolph and Darren Holloway.

Rent assistance and the spatial concentration of low-income households in metropolitan Australia

This report focuses on the position of low income households including those in employment (i.e. the 'working poor') in the private rental market to better understand the outcomes of the current policy framework on the housing opportunities open to them.

Planning, housing and energy use: a review

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) estimates that energy used in buildings accounts for almost 27 per cent of all energy related greenhouse gas emissions. In moving towards more sustainable urban forms the ability to model how different kinds of urban development might perform in...

Are housing affordability problems creating labour shortages?

Up until 2001 there was little direct evidence that housing affordability problems were heightening labour shortages, as low-income jobs moved to low cost suburbs, and those jobs in the inner city - such as hospitality or retail jobs - were filled by young people who...

Housing affordability, occupation and location in Australian cities and regions: final report

The research undertaken for this report was motivated by a concern that high housing costs in central city regions are excluding many lower paid workers from jobs in those regions. According to Judith Yates, Bill Randolph and Darren Holloway, claims that structural change has led...